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Sharing your business card is not just a formality but an art which not many people have mastered. It has the potential to turn into leads and connections in the most unexpected ways. If you think having a business card means introducing yourself to strangers and telling them to call you if they require your product then you are wrong. That approach rarely works and chances are your card is being thrown away in the nearest trash can as soon as they are out of your sight. Business cards can be a useless formality until you learn how to use it and then it can become a marketing tool that brings you leads relentlessly. Here’s how you increase your chances of getting leads through business cards –

  1. Make it valuable for the recipient

Before giving out your business card, understand that the other person has been given a lot of business cards mindlessly by other people. This means that yours has to be special so the recipient keeps the card. The recipient must feel like your card has something of value to them. Do not start a conversation by giving your card and make it entirely about your product. Introduce yourself and ask what the other person does in their business. Ask them how they are doing and then, almost as an afterthought, tell them how your product can help you in their business. But do not give away your card just then.

  1. Entice them to connect with an appealing offer

Keep explaining how your product can make their work better or bring them more revenue. Then add that you are willing to give them a discount or a free consultation. Let them know not to tell anyone as this is not something you offer everyone. This offer and discount is something you will have to prepare beforehand and offer it to everyone so that they feel that they are getting something for free or less price just by knowing you. This means that knowing you is valuable to them and so is your contact information. Now is the time to give them your card and let them know the best time to call you.

  1. Make a connection with them

Once you have explained your services and how they are connected to their services, it is time to make the conversation about them again. Ask them about their personal life or career goals and connect with them. This is not just mindless chit-chat, this is research into your customers. So remember the details of this conversation.

  1. Ask for their card

Tell them that their services are exactly what your company might need or their products sound like they are worth checking out. Take their card and talk a bit more about their services. Now not only the other person feels like they struck gold by talking to you as they got an offer from you that they didn’t have before they talked to you but now they will think they got a sales lead without even trying to sell their product.

  1. Take notes and follow up

If you are meeting a lot of people one after another, you cannot be expected to remember all the details of each of them. Once you are done talking to someone, make a small note of them on their business card. If they told you that their wife is not keeping well then write it down on the card. If they shared the name of the wife then write that down as well. Anything important in the conversation that you do not trust yourself to remember must be written down in short. Call them up a few days later and start the conversation by asking them how their wife is doing. Even if this person doesn’t turn into a lead or sales, they will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs the services you provide.

  1. Send your online business card

After your follow-up call, share your online business card. Tell them to share with anyone who would need your services. It is important to make a personal connection with that person because now they will share your card without hesitation.

  1. Design a unique card

This is a step you have to take before you do any of the above. That is, ensure that your card has all the necessary information, no irrelevant information, it looks professional, classy and the design is unique as well. If you search for business cards online, you will find the standard designs and formats. Did you know that business cards size and shape matter a lot as well? Make your card stand out by giving it a shape related to your business. Find business cards templates for more ideas but curate your card as per your products and services. This by itself will not bring in the sales but once you have followed all the above steps, the card will show how creative and unique you are and the recipient will be able to put more faith in your product than anyone else’s.

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